Nach der Check Point Experience 2015 in Amsterdam hat Check Point nun die Präsentationen online gestellt. Insbesondere der Ausblick auf R80 ist für alle Check Point Kunden sehr interessant, da sich gerade in Check Point’s zentralem Security Management eine riesige und fantastische Neuerung ankündigt. Wir sind schon sehr gespannt!


General Sessions
Best Security of the Future
Real-Time Responses to Breaches

Track 1 – The Future of Threat Prevention
Preventing Zero-Day Attacks with Advanced Threat Prevention Technologies
Best Practice: Defining a Multi-Layer Threat Prevention Strategy
The Future of Malware: Understanding the Genesis of Unknown Malware
Securing Shadow IT with Web and Application Security
The Future of Threat Intelligence
Exploits Demystified – An Attacker’s View

Track 2 – The Future of Mobile Security
The Future of Mobile Security: Under the Hood with Capsule
Understanding Mobile Malware: Extending Threat Prevention to Mobility
The Future of Mobile Threat Prevention

Track 3 – The Future of Security Architectures
Ready for the Future: Building a Sustainable Security Architecture
The Future of Security Management – R80 Under The Hood
Securing the Data Center of the Future
Case Study: Data Breach Incidence Response
The Future of Forensics and Monitoring

Vertical Industry Sessions
Retail: Preventing History from Repeating Itself: The Year of the Retail Breach
The Future of Security for CSP, MSSP and Telco Operators
Critical Infrastructure Doomsday: Not If, But When
Securing Financial Services: Anatomy of an ATM Attack