Check Point hat für seine SmartConsole R80.10 das neue Build 013 am 18. Dezember 2017 veröffentlicht, welches das bisherige Build 005 ersetzt.

Resolved Issues

ID Symptoms
SmartConsole – General Availability – Build 013
PMTR-521 Opening group containing a very large number (>1000) of objects takes a long time.
PMTR-774 Cannot import regulation from R77.x to R80.10 by XML file.
TPM-343 For IP Fragments settings, maximum number of packets is limited to 200 instead of infinite.
SMCAPP-210 Sporadic crashes when viewing the details of various tasks in SmartConsole.
SmartConsole – General Availability – Build 005
CIS-276 Filtered data in rulebase objects’ pickers are not highlighted and not shown correctly when scrolling.
In network group editor, when clicking on new item, the IP address column is not shown correctly when scrolling over filtered data.
CIS-277 Cannot enter a string that is longer than 255 characters in URL list of Application/Site editor.
PMTR-89 Allowed Peer Gateway is set to any after migrate import.
PMTR-361 Clicking “Connect to Domain Server” in Domain Management view sometimes connects to a server on a different Multi-Domain Management server.
When adding a Multi-Domain Management server, the new server is always added at the right-most column.
PMTR-462 Users with read-only permissions for security rules cannot use “copy rule image” or “copy rule UID” options.
PMTR-483 Enhancement: Improved ability of “Get interfaces” on the Topology page of the Gateway Properties to retrieve interfaces only, without the existing topology.
Refer to sk118518.
SmartConsole – General Availability – Build 001
PMTR-98 Translated Source column with “Original” object wrongly has a Hide NAT option.